Specifications :

Printing Technology
Thermal transfer / direct thermal

300dpi (12 dots/mm)

Print Head
Near-edge print head

Print Speed
50 – 400mm/sec

Print Width

Media Width
25.4 – 113mm

280mm W x 305mm H x 490mm D

18.5 kg

For Prices —> info@codabar.com.pk

Output Mode
1:1 and 100% printable, either with or without cut.
Non-printable area:
1mm from the front label edge (1st edge in feed direction) and
1mm from the left band border (right border in feed direction)

Gap Detection
Self-initializing light transmission sensor, optional reflex sensor (at the bottom side of the material)
Correction of gap displacement in feed direction is possible by modifying the gap offset (parameter PRINT PARAMETERS > Punch offset),

Setting range
Light Transmission Sensor: 2-17mm
Reflex Sensor: 13-26mm
Punch length
(in feed direction)
Light Transmission Sensor: 0.8-14mm
Reflex Sensor: 4mm (recommended)
Punch width
(across the web)
Light Transmission Sensor: min. 4mm
Reflex Sensor: 12mm (recommended)

Easy Plug, Line Printer, Hex Dump

Character Sets
17 fonts including OCR-A and OCR-B, 2 scalable fonts truetype fonts supported

Character Modification
Scaling in X/Y direction up to factor 16, Rotation 0, 90, 180, 270

Bar Codes
EAN 8 and EAN 13 with Add-On 2 and 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 39 Ratio 3:1 and Ratio 2,5:1, Code ITF, Code 128, Code 2/5, Code 2/5 1, Code 2/5 5, Code 2/5 Interleaved Ratio 1:3, Code 2/5 Matrix Ratio 1:2,5; Code 2/5 Matrix Ratio 1:3; Code MSI, Code EAN 128; Postcode (Guide and Identity Code), UPS Code 128.
All bar codes scalable in 30 widths and the height.

2dim. Bar Codes
Data Matrix Code (coded according to ECC200), Maxi Code, PDF417, Codablock F